Listed types of Servers
Server Typ Slots Version Age Public Privat Support Available
Counter-Strike: GO 10-50 Autoupdate 16
TeamSpeak3 10-500 14
San Andreas: Multiplayer 10-500 0.3.7 16
Just Cause 2: Multiplayer 10-500 0.2 16 Maybe
Mumble 10-50 1.2.10 18
Arma 3 10-50 Newest 18
Minecraft 5-50 1.4.7/1.8.8 14
Garry's Mod 5-20 Newest 16
Team Fortress 2 5-20 Newest 16 Maybe
Don't Starve Together 2-64 Newest 14
Server Typ Slots Version Age Public Privat Support Available
We also support servers who do not be on our list already. Just contact us!

Inforation (Rules)
Name Description
Server Typ Game or program what run on the server
Slots The min. and max. amount of users the server can handle
Version Version of the game or program on the server
Age How old you have to be to get a server
Public Option to show your server in the public serverlist
Privat Option to stay privat on the server
Support members will help you as good as they can
Available How much free server we still have

Premium (Donate)
Level Description
Donator Donators have the option to get some special items or services
() Coming soon.
(★★) Coming soon.
(★★★) Coming soon.
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